sábado, 27 de mayo de 2017

Finally , an UPDATE or a totallly new Code and Tool for work

I guys, I begin again to do BSun, now I'm using AGK2, really in only 1 1/2 day I do all you can see in the screen, is a tool very very fastor to pick code, and really easy, more easy than GLBasic, but GLbasic works for learn, is like a C++ but more simple, but is a really great tool for understand anothers langujes like C++. AGK2 I think is similar to JAVA, a buch of commands for do a lot of things.

Well in the video you can see I use in 3d another tool, I forget Cinema4d and Max, and now I'm using Blender for do 3d GFX, I love this tool, and I think I will Love Godot3, is nearly comming and seems will be fantastic.

Well guys thanks for stay here, I see a lot of new visits in the Blog, and I hope do more Updates nearly but BSun for now not is my first priority.

Saludos !!! ;).

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