jueves, 4 de julio de 2013

Aries the Editor

Huff!! I look the last date I posted something and pass a lot of time.. sorry guys, I continue working in the game, but I give a less gass, very extressed in the past moths...

Well now I'm working again in another Editor, I think it's the best Strategy for finish the game, perhaps for the end of this same years (well I think the same make 2 years ago).

For now something doens't works, but I think before the end of this month I will have working at 100%, for now I think I have the 89% working.

The Editor don't make great things but it's very helpully for some repetitive task, like put enemies and configure the attack patterns, change the kind explosions, and the sprite of the enemies... can do add details to the Scenario change OpenGL Lighting and touch the translations of the camera...

Perhaps I add something more, but for now I think whit this I will work more afordable...

Thanks for continue here, and I hope finish the game some near Century :)

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