lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2011

Level Editor

HI first Images about the Editor for Black Sun.

Well this editor it´s for make me the life more easy to my Self.

The Editor can be do thing like , split Backgrounds, locate new graphics on the correct place, add 3d sounds, create custom Patterns for the enmies, and much more.

I want in a near future, can be connected to the mobile devices trhu the net, for testing the game in real time.

Thanks for watching.

domingo, 7 de agosto de 2011

Testing a Music probe, and showing the second part of 2D Scenario

Hi again, in this video I want show you the second part of the 1st scenario, only 2D graphics.

I made a simple music, but I like it, I use MAD Tracker, a free tracker like Amiga´s Computer, very easy. (I learn the basic in only 30 min, and I made 2 songs in this late night).

I hope you like the video.

I see you in the next Post.

K³n‗T¹. PHËE■IL G§UT³£

domingo, 24 de julio de 2011

Test Collision Video

Hi, again, well today I upload a little video, you can see a test for collision between shot player whit the 2 Backsgouds, Upper al Lower, in the video you can see the offset in the middle image.

The video don´t  works at the real speed, becuase the capture push down a little de FPS.

A little error you can see, it´s the images don´t concatenate exacty, but this not it´s a great trouble.

Basically I want show you, the aspect of the graphics, and perhaps the real speed of the scroll will be, more lower.

■■■THXS for time to watch■■■

viernes, 22 de julio de 2011

Little Round Of Enemies

In this Set of .jpg images I show you like is animated the .png in the game. Really are 50 Frames in Total, perhaps too much for some phones.

 This Enemies in principle, have a triple shot, this is the fact becuase them have three tubes un the 'head'

First 3D Art

Well these images are parts of the firsts Backgorunds, in principle are 3 layers, Top, Bottom and the Middle layer, this it´s the center of image, this image go 1/2 speed of the standar movement, and produce an fake "Old School" FX.





In this images I will make an Editor to put some FX Graphics in some parts, using the command ALPHAMODE of Glbasic, in Example in the last images, the 4, in the orange part I try to make some effect like lava or fire, and I try always if the decive can make it, particle Fx like gas.
Well sometime Ago, I started this project for GP2X WIZ, but in this time I don´t have to much skills about programming. upps... I don´t say the tool I use for developement... well it´s GlBasic a comfortable lenguaje and simple, but very productive, easy & whit a linear learning curve.

In a principle I started, but after sometime I forget the work, and make the Fantasy Bricks for iphone.

In this video you can see, the graphics in these times, now the new version of BlackSun, in some stanges and, when the mobile devices can do it, I join 2D and 3D graphics.

The new version, I started about 3 months, but in this moment I only have a test of first Stage, some code libraries for make me the life for easy, and some Backgrounds of the first Stage , tomorrow I see you the new graphics I make today.

Another "trick" or thing I want do it, it´s put a sound engine in the game, for fadding and FX sounds can be played whit a better experience whit headPhones.


Hi, Welcome to my last Developement Black Sun

Hi my name´s Iván J, from Spain, I made this Blog for everyone to want follow the Develoment of Black Sun, my new game, I hope to finish at the end of this year, but it´s a lot of work.

Speaking a little about the game, it´s a Shoot´em Up, like 80´s Arcade but whit a little better graphical aspect.

Well Speaking correctly, not it´s  a simple Shoot´Em Up, becuase I try to make thing, a little stranges for a game of this specifications, but I think can be cool!.

Welcome! and if you have any question or want suggest me something, please comment me.

Iván J (mentalthink)