viernes, 22 de julio de 2011

Well sometime Ago, I started this project for GP2X WIZ, but in this time I don´t have to much skills about programming. upps... I don´t say the tool I use for developement... well it´s GlBasic a comfortable lenguaje and simple, but very productive, easy & whit a linear learning curve.

In a principle I started, but after sometime I forget the work, and make the Fantasy Bricks for iphone.

In this video you can see, the graphics in these times, now the new version of BlackSun, in some stanges and, when the mobile devices can do it, I join 2D and 3D graphics.

The new version, I started about 3 months, but in this moment I only have a test of first Stage, some code libraries for make me the life for easy, and some Backgrounds of the first Stage , tomorrow I see you the new graphics I make today.

Another "trick" or thing I want do it, it´s put a sound engine in the game, for fadding and FX sounds can be played whit a better experience whit headPhones.


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