viernes, 4 de octubre de 2013

Aries Editor, running!!!

HI guys come Back again!!! a lot of time without Updates, ins't?¿
Ok, just this week I finish Aries, my pattern and putting things Editor for BlackSun, really don't cost me too mcuh make the Editor about 1 + half month, but I'm relaxing in August, in Septembet cost me a bit put the machines to full...

Leave explain a bit how works, for now it's a bit buggy but nothing important, and I have to add another Class of Enenmies more , for get more complexity in the screen at the same time, after obviously I add some special items in each stage... Basically the Editor doens't makes all work, but help a lot of.

I leave a video, quick and dirty Edition but enough for look how works, rebember a bit buggy...

Thanks again for continue follow the project I think we are more near of the ligth :D


PLEASE in FULL HD you can see with more detail than in the little Frame.

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